The InvisionHeart ECG System offers a new way to work with a 12 Lead ECG Machine, whenever, wherever your patients need you. This revolutionary new system has three primary functions – Capture, Control and Connect. Download the InvisionHeart ECG System Overview eBrochure

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What is the InvisionHeart ECG System? How does the 12 Lead ECG Machine work?

Introducing the InvisionHeart ECG System, a revolutionary 12 Lead ECG system that makes it easy to capture, share and manage patients cardiac data. FDA cleared for both clinical and home settings, InvisionHeart ECG System offers healthcare professional a new way to work with a 12 Lead ECG Machine, whenever, wherever your patients need you.

3 tools simplify the ECG process: Capture, Control, Connect.

Capture. Our ultra-compact 12 Lead ECG Machine is as small as a deck of cards and weighs just six ounces, so it can go with you anywhere—no more bulky machines or paper trails to slow you down.

Control. Our intuitive tablet application, InvisionControl makes administering an ECG exam a cinch. It also allows you to view results immediately on the screen, zooming in and out to get the best read—no more wait.

Connect. Forget cumbersome paper filing systems with InvisionConnect just pressing a button or two enables quick view of digital patient ECG files on almost any PC or mobile device. You can prioritize and filter patients as needed. You can also compare with prior ECGs to provide the best possible diagnosis. With email or text notifications, ECGs come to you so that you can check exams on your own time from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Capture & Control // 12 Lead ECG Machine

Our ultra-compact 12 Lead ECG Machine is about the size of a deck of cards and weighs about six ounces. It is small enough to place on your desk, hang on your wall or fit in your pocket.

The InvisionHeart 12 Lead ECG Machine connects to a standard color-coded leadwire set. Electrodes are placed on the patient’s body in a standard 12 lead configuration and the leadwires are connected. The 12 Lead ECG Machine us then placed next to your patient—no bulky carts or trolleys impede access to your patient.

InvisionConnect // Cloud-based ECG System

Using our 12 Lead ECG Machine to capture cardiac data, ECGs are exported to InvisionConnect, our web-based system, so that physicians may read and diagnose their patients ECGs from almost any mobile or PC device. When you log on to InvisionConnect, a worklist is displayed for all of your patients. From here, it’s easy to review patients in chronological order or sort and filter on any number of criteria.

You can register to receive text or email notifications for ECGs, keeping you informed on the go and protecting your precious personal time, even when on call.

The InvisionHeart ECG System (EKG System) makes it easy to capture, share and manage patients’ cardiac data (electrocardiogram). It pairs an ultra-compact 12 Lead ECG (12 Lead EKG) with a secure, cloud-based data hub that helps facilitate early cardiac diagnosis and enhances the healthcare provider and patient experience. This technology combines a mobile ECG (mobile EKG) with an advanced ECG management (EKG management) platform.

This portable ECG (portable EKG) is used to capture ECG data (EKG data), which checks the heart’s electrical activity. The portable ECG machine (portable EKG machine) makes care more accessible and mobile, utilizing a free EGC app (EKG app) that’s downloadable to an iPad or tablet. This makes simple to perform an EGC test (EKG test).

So, the ECG machine price (EKG machine price) is reasonable? You bet.

Our ECG leads (EKG leads) and ECG machine (EKG machine) are a priced competitively.

The InvisionHeart ECG System is available for clinical professionals as a subscription service, making your payments predictable and affordable. An ECG device (EKG device), an ECG management system and a software support agreement all rolled into one.

When you contact us, don’t forget to ask us about our Integration Services to streamline and eliminate ECG workflow steps saving you even more time and resources.