InvisionHeart Helpful Hints – ECG Machine

This section allows you to maximize the benefits of our ECG Machine and ECG Management System, so you Never Miss a Beat!

Add a Comment

You may add a comment to an ECG by touching the tab on the right side of the screen, then touch the “Add Comment” box to type in a relevant comment. Select “Done” to save. This allows you to provide additional insight to reviewers.

ECG Machine ECG Machine

Application Updates

When an update for the InvisionHeart iPad app is available, an alert will be displayed when the app is launched. This alert will offer an option to install the update.

Charging Cradle

Your 12-Lead Device may be stored in your Charging Cradle with the leadwires connected. If your Charging Cradle is mounted on a wall, your 12-Lead Leadwire Set can simply hang from the 12-Lead Device.

ECG Machine

If your Charging Cradle is placed on a solid surface, the 12-Lead Device may be placed in the Charging Cradle upside down, so that your leadwires can remain connected during charge and storage.

ECG Machine

Mark as Important

If you wish to identify an ECG as important, select the Action button and select “Important”. This action can also be performed prior to export.

ECG Machine

Print ECG

If you wish to print an ECG from the iPad app, select the Action button and then select “Print”. (Note: You must have an Air Printer to print from an iPad.) This action can be performed prior to and after export.

ECG Machine.

Retake ECG

If you wish to take an additional ECG of the same patient, select “Device and Preview”.

ECG Machine

Save Power

To save power between ECG procedures, turn off the 12-Lead Device. Simply push and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn off or to turn on again.

ECG Device

Select Rhythm Strip

You may change the rhythm strip on the bottom of the screen by touching the pencil icon next to the rhythm strip and selecting a different lead.

ECG Machine

Waveform Preview

Before ECG capture, you may move the central slider bar left or right to increase your view of any specific waveform as you perform your quality check.

ECG Machine


You may use the standard “pinch and zoom” capability of your iPad to take a closer look at any of the waveforms.

ECG Machine